June 15, 2020

Over half of NBCC board resign in fallout over leaked emails regarding race and privacy

Jun 15 2020 The turmoil that roiled the National Book Critics Circle, one of publishing's pre-eminent awards bodies and institutions, last week continued throughout the weekend and into Monday morning as concerns over matters of race and privacy continue to split the organization's board of directors. As of Monday morning, at least 13 members have resigned from the typically 24-member board. The situation at the NBCC began last Thursday, following a week-long attempt by a working committee of board members to draft a statement in response to the Black Lives Matter movement and in support of writers and critics of...

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Poetry Foundation responds to criticism, pledges action

Jun 15 2020 The staff and board of directors of the Poetry Foundation have published an open letter to Foundation membership in response to an ongoing controversy at the organization sparked by an open letter sent to the Foundation last week by a group of its fellows and programmatic partners. The letter from the Foundation follows the resignations, also last week, of Poetry Foundation president Henry Bienen and board of trustees chair Willard Bunn III, as was demanded by the original letter. Source: Publishers Weekly More News Stories

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L.L. McKinney announces Juneteenth Book Festival

Jun 15 2020 L.L. McKinney, the author who developed the #PublishingPaidMe hashtag campaign earlier this month, has announced the Juneteenth Book Festival, which will take place on Friday, June 19. The event is being co-organized by Saraciea Fennell, a book publicist and founder of The Bronx is Reading - Bronx Book Festival. Source: twitter.com/JuneteenthBkFst More News Stories

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Lockdown diaries: the ghostwriter

Invisibility is part and parcel of being a ghostwriter. But somehow I’ve felt it more acutely during lockdown. In normal times, on publication of a book I’ve ghosted, there’s the launch party to which I am invited as ‘part’ of the publishing team, or a place around the table at the celebratory lunch with the ‘real’ publishing team. A few weeks into lockdown however, with these moments of inclusion obviously impossible, when a book I ghosted was published - social media’d, everyone else @’td like crazy to great fanfare - I let my professional self watch it all unfold.

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