June 2020

Carys Bray | ‘My Northern-ness feels like a matter of fact to me’

Set during an extremely wet December, Carys Bray’s new novel tells the story of the cooling climate of a marriage, as well as dealing with climate anxiety. Though she started writing the book almost four years ago, she notes that in the intervening years discussion of the issues she explores in the story has only become “more diffuse and urgent”.

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A debate over identity and race asks, are African-Americans ‘Black’ or ‘black’?

Jun 26 2020 Hundreds of news organizations over the past month have changed their style to Black in reference to the race of people, including The Associated Press, long considered an influential arbiter of journalism style. Far more than a typographical change, the move is part of a generations-old struggle over how best to refer to those who trace their ancestry to Africa. The capitalization of black, which has been pushed for years, strikes at deeper questions over the treatment of people of African descent, who were stripped of their identities and enslaved in centuries past, and whose struggles to...

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Kevin Kwan: ‘With Crazy Rich Asians my life exploded and I’m still trying to put it back together’

Kevin Kwan: 'With Crazy Rich Asians my life exploded and I’m still trying to put it back together' Jun 26 2020 After the global success of his flamboyant debut, the Singaporean novelist talks to Nosheen Iqbal about growing up with old money, living next to Bob Dylan in New York, and why publishing’s problems with diversity are no surprise Source: The Guardian More News Stories

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Study indicates it’s safe to check out books from the library that have been quarantined for three days

Jun 26 2020 A research report indicates that the virus that causes covid-19 is not detectable on books and DVD cases after three days of ordinary quarantine. The Reopening Archives, Libraries, and Museums (REALM) study states that, “Standard office temperature and relative humidity conditions typically achievable by any air-conditioned office space” are sufficient to attenuate the virus within 72 hours. A second study is expected at the end of July. Source: webjunction.org More News Stories

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