July 06, 2020

Publisher moves up release of book by Trump niece

Jul 06 2020 The publisher of a tell-all book written by President Donald Trump’s niece Mary is planning to rush the book out next Tuesday despite ongoing litigation aimed at bottling up the insider account of life in the Trump family. Simon & Schuster announced Monday that “due to high demand and extraordinary interest” the firm is moving up the book’s publication date by two weeks, to July 14 from July 28. Source: Politico More News Stories

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Prime Minister pledges £1.5bn lifeline to keep UK’s arts sector afloat

Jul 06 2020 Britain’s beleaguered arts and heritage sectors have been promised £1.57bn (approx US$2bn) of help in a long-awaited rescue package described by the government as the biggest one-off investment in UK culture. After weeks of desperate warnings that the UK was facing an irreversible cultural catastrophe without targeted support, ministers announced a package that it said would protect the future of the country’s museums, galleries, theatres and music venues. The playwright James Graham, who has spoken passionately about the urgent need for investment, said the money appeared to be more than most people in the arts had dared...

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Authors call for Nicholson’s reinstatement in honorary Booker Prize role

A number of high-profile writers, including Susan Hill, Francis Wheen, Trezza Azzopardi, Jane Harris, Allison Pearson, Justin Hill and Joolz Denby, have joined the signatories to an open letter to the Booker Prize Foundation calling on the body to apologise to former honorary vice-president Baroness Emma Nicholson and to reinstate her in her role.

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