July 13, 2020

Why the survival of bookshops must matter to us all

Bookshops have been a bellwether measure during this crisis.  The media hunger for information on the recovery of bookshops has been insatiable, and the outpouring of affection for bookshops as they re-open extremely moving.  Bookshops stand as emblems for the prospects for the high street as we edge our way to a tentative new reality and the appropriate balance between public health and essential economic activity.

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May publishing sales fell 12%

Jul 13 2020 Net sales fell 12.1% in May, compared to May 2019, for the 1,360 publishers who report to AAP’s monthly StatShot program. Similar to the April report, the net sales figure was heavily influenced by a steep drop in returns, which offset a decline in gross sales in the month. (AAP calculates net sales by deducting returns from gross sales.) Total gross sales fell 17.4% in May, but returns dropped 45.2%, leading to the 12.1% decline in net sales. Religion was the only category to have an increase in gross sales in the month, of 0.2%, and combined...

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Temporary restraining order functions as a gag order on Mary Trump

Jul 13 2020 On Friday, New York State Supreme Court judge Hal B. Greenwald delayed a scheduled appearance by the parties in Trump's ongoing case against his niece's book until Monday, July 13, and extended the temporary restraining order barring her from publishing or talking about her explosive tell-all Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man until then. Publisher Simon & Schuster remains free to move ahead with its plans to publish the book, on July 14, but the Temporary Restraining Order is essentially a gag order, keeping Mary Trump from speaking and...

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