July 16, 2020

Obituary: Joanna Cole, author of The Magic School Bus

Obituary: Joanna Cole, author of The Magic School Bus Jul 16 2020 Prolific, award-winning children’s book author Joanna Cole, widely recognized for her nonfiction, and especially for being the creator of Ms. Frizzle, the intrepid and enthusiastic captain of the wildly popular Magic School Bus series, died on July 12 of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in Sioux City, Ia. She was 75. Source: Publishers Weekly More News Stories

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Libraries could be leaders once again

As they try to re-open, public libraries have two big problems and three large advantages. The first problem, obviously, is that they have to be so safe that people actually want to work in and visit them. I don’t think anyone anywhere has solved that problem yet - but I’m sure there are experts who are trying to find a way. Without the answers, those who open aren’t being brave; they are being stupid and placing other people at risk. It is the absolute and top priority.

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