July 22, 2020

Four-year-old lands book deal for his ‘astonishing’ poetry

Jul 22 2020 Keats’s first book of poetry was published when he was 21; Mary Shelley was 18 when she started writing Frankenstein. But both of their youthful achievements are dwarfed by the newest star in the UK’s poetry firmament: four-year-old Nadim Shamma-Sourgen, who has just landed a book deal. Nadim’s poems range from Coming Home (“Take our gloves off / Take our shoes off / Put them where they’re supposed to go. / You take off your brave feeling / Because there’s nothing / to be scared of in the house”), to Love (“Everyone has love / Even baddies”)....

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We need more modesty, more money and more collaboration

We are in a time of major change – following the brutal, televised murder of George Floyd – and it goes without saying that the book trade supports a movement that must succeed in establishing once and for all that black lives matter. For my new book, Slow Road to San Francisco, I drove from East to West coast stopping frequently to take the pulse of Trump's America, and I have never been so aware of the need and hunger for change - in the media, in politics, in society, in the book trade.

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