October 14, 2020

ABA Launches ‘Boxed Out’ campaign in support of indie bookstores

The American Booksellers Association is launching a campaign called "Boxed Out," aiming to emphasize to customers "the high stakes indie bookstores face this holiday season in the age of Amazon and Covid-19." Timed in part as a counterpoint to Amazon Prime Day--yesterday and today--"Boxed Out" refers to the ubiquitous Amazon delivery boxes that are "boxing out" bookstores and other small businesses across the country, the association said.

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American publisher Levine promises ‘beloved’ titles from his new independent list

American publisher Arthur A Levine has launched the first titles fro his new independent children’s publisher Levine Querido in the UK. Levine founded Levine Querido last April after 23 years as the publisher of Scholastic Inc imprint Arthur A Levine Books. One of the driving forces that led him to branch out on his own was “a desire to set my own priorities”. He explains: “I think over the years, corporate publishing has become more and more sales and marketing and finance- led, so that everybody is literally sitting around the table at the same time and making group decisions.

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