October 30, 2020

Covid diaries: the education entrepreneur

Walking into the office and seeing the team working away has quickly become the highlight of my day. Over lockdown, I found working from home a really lonely experience and have been so grateful for the slow transition back into the office. The experience, however, was made even more challenging by the fact that coronavirus accelerated some of the industry issues we’ve been pushing for a number of years around the accessibility and security of content, meaning it has been one of the busiest times for our business.

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Why lockdown was the plot twist that libraries needed

In an opinion piece in the Guardian, the head of Suffolk Libraries in the East of England explains "why lockdown was the plot twist that libraries needed." ...It is often said librarians suffer from a marketing issue. This is a profession hardwired not to boast about itself. But lockdown forced us to confront and subvert this mindset to ensure that people knew that we were still very much functioning and there were plenty of ways to access our services. A new report by the Carnegie UK Trust shows how successful these efforts were. It found that one in three people...

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At this bookstore in Taiwan, visitors shop in the dark

Remember when you used to sneak a flashlight under the covers so you could read a book after bedtime? A bookshop in Taiwan promises you a similar experience. Wuguan Books is located in Kaohsiung's Pier-2 Art Center, a warehouse-turned-creative hub in Taiwan's second-largest city. And it is just as much an art exhibit as it is a bookshop. Visitors make their way through the store in extreme darkness, except for the dim spotlights on each of the book covers and reading lights on some desks. The unique bookshop is created and founded by the award-winning architecture and space designer Chu...

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Writers Against Trump Oorganizing November 5 bookstore events

Writers Against Trump, an association of American authors and writers working together to oppose Donald Trump and to encourage voter turnout, is planning a series of post-election events on November 5, in partnership with several independent bookstores around the country. Writer, bookseller and Writers Against Trump member Shuchi Saraswat explained that the bookstore events will happen during the day, followed by a national event that evening that will bring together Paul Auster, Salman Rushdie, Rebecca Solnit and Natasha Trethewey for a roundtable discussion on what just happened, what's happening now, and what must happen next. From Shelf Awareness

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