February 09, 2021

13 Book Marketing Ideas to Consider Before you Hit Publish

Reading Time: 8 minutesOne of the keys to a successful book marketing campaign (and one of the secrets of how to market a book) is PLANNING. And it doesn’t take a lot of effort, just a bit of time and looking ahead strategically. You poured a lot of effort into getting your book ready, now let’s give it the kind of book launch it deserves!So, let’s look at a few things you need to do ahead of launch day, to prepare for a successful book launch! 1. Elevator Pitch: Being able to quickly summarize your book is really important, it...

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Is Fiction Real Or Fake?

Are you about writing a book and unsure of what class of writing that suits you? Do you want to write a fiction book but need clarity? Here, we’ll be learning what fiction entails.Fiction is a literary work that relies on imagination to fabricate tales that never happened in real life. That is a work of fiction is not real. The writer creates imaginary scenes of people and events.The stories in fiction do not rely on facts or actual occurrences. Instead, the writer employs his imaginative prowess to create stories that readers will enjoy.Continue reading to know more about this...

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