February 28, 2021

Book Riot’s Deals of the Day for February 28, 2021

Today's Featured Deals In case you missed yesterday's most popular deals Previous Daily Deals My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem for $3.99 Silver in the Wood by Emily Tesh for $3.99 Other Minds by Peter Godfrey-Smith for $3.99 Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor for $2.99 A Death of No Importance by Mariah Fredericks for $2.99 City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab for $1.99 Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore by Matthew Sullivan for $1.99 Radical Candor by Kim Scott for $1.99 The Most Fun We Ever Had by Claire Lombardo for $1.99 Dust Tracks on a Road by...

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Difference Between Novel And Book

If you’re wondering why ‘Novel’ and ‘Book’ are used interchangeably, you’re not alone. The true meaning of these words changes in the process of using them interchangeably.However, keep in mind that they are not the same, neither are they nearest in meaning to each other.Let’s see their true definition and differences as we move on.What Is A Novel?The term “novel” is from a Latin word, ‘novella.’ It stands for ‘new things.” People used it in the English language for the first time in the 1560s.A novel is a creative fictional write-up written to captivate and entertain a reader using several...

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How Many Microsoft Word Pages Equal A Book Page?

Writing is fun when you have the right tools. These could be a pen (if you’re writing directly on paper), an iPad or laptop. Microsoft has also blessed writers with a powerful tool that comes packed with diverse features. It’s called the “Microsoft Word.”Other word processing and document processing platforms are now available. But it’s so obvious that many of us, including myself, may have to stick with Microsoft Word for a long time.But now here’s a tricky question for every Microsoft Word user and those interested. Here it is.How many Microsoft Word pages equal a book page?Now let’s rephrase...

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