April 05, 2021

RHM Draft – Inspirational Reading Quotes

I love inspirational reading quotes about how books make us more creative, imaginative, and happier. I love them because, well, they are true. The tough part in the technical world we live in is that words are not always enough to inspire… they get lost in the digital static without being fully read or comprehended. So in order to inspire others with what inspires us on a daily basis… books, we have created these visually stunning quotes. Below are some graphical representations of our favorite inspirational reading quotes. Feel free to share them with your friends and followers. 1. Stéphane Mallarmé {Inspirational...

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5 Effective Strategies of Overcoming Writer’s Block

If you are a writer and suffering from writer’s block, don’t be disheartened. This happens even to the most famous writers or best-selling author in the world. However, there are many ways how to overcome it. Like me, there are days that I get stuck when I am in a writing process. I tend to lose interest in the characters of my stories. I questioned my inability to write as if I run out of creative juices flowing.But, after years of writing different stories, I have learned how to overcome writer’s block. If you want to be a serious writer,...

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Book Riot’s Deals of the Day for April 5, 2021

Today's Featured Deals In case you missed yesterday's most popular deals Previous Daily Deals The Fact of a Body by Alex Marzano-Lesnevich for $2.99 The Banks by Roxane Gay for $1.99 The A.I. Who Loved Me by Alyssa Cole for $2.99 Night of the Mannequins by Stephen Graham Jones for $3.99 The Diviners by Libba Bray for $3.99 Joy at Work by Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein for $2.99 Conviction by Denise Mina for $2.99 The Power by Naomi Alderman for $3.99 The Psychology of Time Travel by Kate Mascarenhas for $1.99 Bunny by Mona Awad for $4.99 Daring to...

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