July 08, 2021

Looking Sharp: Announcing the 2021 CWA Dagger Award Winners

The votes have been cast, and the 2021 CWA Dagger Award Winners have been chosen. These eleven prestigious Daggers are the United Kingdom’s leading literary crime-writing awards. Founded in 1953 by John Creasey, the Crime Writers’ Association (CWA) aspires to support the crime genre, celebrating crime writers in both fiction and nonfiction. This year, the 2021 CWA Dagger Award Winners were announced on Thursday, July 1st, at Daggers Live, an online awards ceremony. Of the eleven Daggers awarded, seven are nominated by publishers and are judged by professionals from the industry rather than the CWA itself. The four remaining daggers...

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Exciting Tips On How To Write An Author Bio With No Experience

Writing a bio can be a tricky part of your marketing process as an author. Many people judge a book by its cover, so your author bio can make your readers decide whether to purchase your book or not. That’s why you have to ensure your bio is attractive to your audience. Many authors shy away from writing their bio and pay professionals to do it. But it’s not as difficult as it seems. With some guidance, you can write your author bio. This article will give you the guidelines you need to write an attractive author bio. Keep reading...

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The essential alliance

One of the great joys of browsing for books in an actual bricks-and-mortar shop is the serendipity of it; the way you can go in looking for one thing and come out with three others that you didn’t even know you wanted. For unknown authors like me, who are publishing their debut novels in a media environment with ever-decreasing books coverage, being stumbled upon like this – thanks to an eye-catching cover or a well-written blurb – is one of the surest routes to readers.

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Learn How to Sell Books with Reviews in 5 Minutes

Reading Time: 3 minutesReviews are one key strategy when considering how to sell books. Some Amazon book promotion ideas rely on reviews. Authors sometimes right out ignore reviews because they’re a hassle — but you could learn how to handle them in just five minutes.Our Book Marketing Tips and Author Success podcast has a pretty solid library of minisodes, essentially sales and marketing tips that you can soak up in five minutes or less. So if you commit to spending just a few minutes a week listening to a minisode, and then a few more minutes following through with our...

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