August 02, 2021

U.K. authors rally to protect copyright

Aug 02 2021 More than 2,500 authors have put their names to a letter in London's Sunday Times as part of the Save Our Books campaign, launched in an effort to maintain the U.K.'s "copyright exhaustion" principle. The paper also ran a news story about the campaign. Exhaustion of copyright refers to an author's selling—or licensing of a publisher to sell—copies of their book in designated markets. It is feared that the British government will approve a relaxation of the territorial component of copyright, enabling editions meant for markets beyond Europe to be sold in the European Economic Area, including...

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Romance Writers of America Awards Book with Genocidal “Hero”

Content warning: This post discusses racism and genocide against Indigenous peoples As with many controversies in the book world, I first heard about this in a subtweet I didn’t understand. After a minute of scrolling, the issue had become clear: On Saturday evening, the Romance Writers of America (RWA) announced that Karen Witemeyer’s At Love’s Command won the VIVIAN award for “Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements.” In the prologue, which you can read in the Amazon preview, the book’s romantic “hero” is a Captain participating in the Wounded Knee Massacre after thirteen years of “Indian fighting.” Wounded Knee was...

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Crime novelist Mo Hayder dies aged 59 from motor neurone disease

Jul 29 2021 British crime novelist Mo Hayder, whose dark, shocking thrillers won her the title of “queen of fear”, has died at the age of 59 after being diagnosed with motor neuron disease in December. Hayder was the pen name for Clare Dunkel. Her death was announced by her publisher Penguin Random House, which said she had “fought valiantly” since her diagnosis on 22 December, but that “the disease progressed at an alarming rate”. Source: The Guardian More News Stories

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