August 10, 2021

Censorship on the rise worldwide

Aug 10 2021 Since the start of the Covid pandemic, there’s been a rise in instances of government censorship of books around the world. In October 2020, the International Publishers Association released a 106-page report, “Freedom to Publish: Challenges, Violations and Countries of Concern,” that outlined 847 instances of censorship in a host of countries, including France, Iran, Serbia, and the United Kingdom, as well as the United States. According to the report, in 55% of those instances, the censorship was undertaken by government authorities. The report is downloadable from the IPA website. Since that report was issued, efforts to...

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Judge rules Linda Fairstein can proceed with defamation lawsuit over Netflix series

Aug 10 2021 A handful of scenes from the award-winning “When They See Us” series about the Central Park Five could be misconstrued by viewers as “based in fact,” a federal judge wrote Monday, allowing a defamation suit by ex-Manhattan sex crimes prosecutor and author Linda Fairstein to proceed. District Judge Kevin Castel ruled five scenes in the 2019 series portraying Fairstein — who oversaw the team seeking convictions of five teens arrested for the rape and beating of jogger Trisha Meili in 1989 — could be seen as defamatory. Source: New York Daily News More News Stories

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Anti-Critical Race Theory Parents Fight THE HATE U GIVE

In most parts of the US, if public schools aren’t back in session, they will be soon. If fights about masking or not masking during a global pandemic and rise of the COVID-Delta variant weren’t enough, nor were protests against access to inclusive sexual education material, now teachers and librarians have to fight a third front. Opponents to Critical Race Theory (CRT) are flooding school and library board meetings, hoping to squash use of titles that explore anti-racism. Angie Thomas’s award-winning debut The Hate U Give is one such title under the spotlight by anti-anti-racism activists in Putnam County, New...

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How to Sell Books on Amazon With Pre-Order Strategies

Reading Time: 5 minutesI think of all of the book launch strategies we’ve ever done, the pre-order is one of the most misunderstood. When it comes to how to sell books on Amazon – you can’t beat a short, but well-planned out pre-order.I talk to a lot of authors who don’t do a pre-order because they have no following (yet) or it’s their first book and have been told pre-orders aren’t a good idea. But it’s important to understand the secondary reason for doing a pre-order on Amazon: Early Optimization. How to Sell Books on Amazon with Early Optimization Once...

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