September 02, 2021

A look at the long-awaited Wheel of Time trailer

I’ve waxed lyrical about The Wheel of Time on Book Riot before. It’s been a big part of my reading life and I’m approaching the end of my grand re-read, with less than 700 pages to go before I reach the end (again). I doubt it will be my last re-read. When you follow something so avidly for more than half your life, and there’s constant chatter about adaptations for film and tv that never come to pass, you start to think it will never really happen. But here we are, sixteen years since I picked up The Eye of...

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The Best Book Marketing Minisode Round-Up: Book Marketing Podcast Recap

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe Best Book Marketing Minisode Round-Up is a recap of several minisodes on our Book Marketing Tips and Author Success podcast. Did you know you can listen to the best book marketing tips in under 10 minutes? It’s true–while our full length episodes are great for really digging into a topic, we also produce short and sweet “minisodes” where we focus on one particular aspect of book marketing or authorship and give it to you straight. Below is a short intro to a few of our minisodes, so if one or more of them piques your interest,...

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