September 09, 2021

National Book Foundation honoring Nancy Pearl

Sep 09 2021 Nancy Pearl, the former librarian and "energetic champion for readers across the country," is the 2021 recipient of the Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Literary Community "for her expansive service to readers and the literary community." Presented by the National Book Foundation, the award honors "an individual for a lifetime of achievement in expanding the audience for books and reading." Pearl will receive the award from the Washington Post's Ron Charles at the 72nd National Book Awards ceremony on November 17. Source: Shelf Awareness More News Stories

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Obituary Note: Michael Newton

Obituary Note: Michael Newton Sep 09 2021 Michael Newton, who wrote several hundred westerns, thrillers and men's adventure novels, died on September 6. He was 69. Diagnosed with an untreatable hereditary kidney disease in 1988, Michael lived normally until declining health forced him into home dialysis in 2013. From there, he gained a new appreciation of two favorite singers: Mick Jagger ("What a drag it is getting old") and Jim Morrison ("No one here gets out alive"). As of 2021, Mike had published 357 books (a tribute to the .357 Magnum pistols, perhaps?), which included 258 novels and 99 nonfiction...

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Self Publishing a Book Requires the Right Focus

Reading Time: 3 minutesSelf publishing a book is really an exciting, frustrating, and emotional time, and it’s easy to lose focus along the way – believe me, I know – because I have Book to Bestseller releasing this fall and it’s been a love-hate relationship from the start. But I always say it’s a lot easier with smart planning, and I stick by that. If you take self publishing a book one step at a time, and check all those boxes, cross the T’s and dot the I’s, you’re not only more likely to end up with a final product...

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Students Protest Book Bans in Pennsylvania School District

Opponents of “Critical Race Theory” have had a field day over the last few months. In Florida, a June law forbid the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in classrooms, and throughout the rest of the country, parents, community members, and lawmakers have worked to eliminate materials from classrooms — both that which is curriculum and which is supplemental — that offers non-whitewashed history, social and cultural insight, or literature. These protests and laws are not, however, about CRT at all. They’re about control of what’s taught in the classroom, ensuring that voices of the global majority are suppressed in...

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