September 10, 2021

Adiba Jaigirdar | ‘I do feel very supported by the Irish people’

A tragic storyline in "Orange is the New Black" made Adiba Jaigirdar write her first novel, in a roundabout way. “A while back there were a couple of weeks where all the queer characters on TV were just dying,” she tells me, over a Zoom chat from her home in Dublin. “On ‘The Hundred’, Lexa died, and on ‘Orange is the New Black’, Poussey died—I remember closing my laptop and thinking: ‘I’m done with these shows!’ I got so depressed knowing that that’s the ending the characters got.”

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Sarah Gilmartin | ‘I loved writing and I knew I wanted to continue to do it after college’

Sarah Gilmartin admits "there has been a game-keeper turned poacher headline” in the Irish press in the run-up to the release of her début novel, after putting in eight years as a literary critic for the Irish Times. And she was a very specific sort of gamekeeper, as her brief for the Times was to concentrate on, yes, débuts.

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Wow, Okay, Unfollowing Now: A Bookish Tweet Round Up

Book Twitter loves jumping on a meme and making it literary, and I am here for it. This meme started in 2019, but it gained popularity in September of 2021. It satirizes the performative unfollowing/softblocking of problematic people on Twitter by taking it to the extreme: “Oof, okay, softblocking now. Followed him for his jokes, didn’t realize he ritually sacrificed goats to gain mystical power.” The appeal is partly the acknowledgement of the weird landscape of social media, where you can be guilty by association by following someone without knowing everything they’ve ever done or said, but also — in...

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