September 20, 2021

Publishers, Amazon ask court to dismiss ‘illogical’ e-book price-fixing suit

Sep 20 2021 In separate filings late last week, lawyers for the Big Five publishers and Amazon asked a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit accusing them of a conspiracy to fix e-book prices. In their September 17 filings, lawyers for Amazon and the Big Five publishers insist there is no evidence of any coordination or agreement among them to fix e-book prices or otherwise restrain competition. Perhaps more importantly, they argue, the alleged conspiracy—in which the five largest American trade publishers are alleged to have banded together to give Amazon monopoly power over e-books—fundamentally makes no sense. Source: Publishers...

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The writing game

We were almost finished with a year of house-sitting for my sister-in-law when we decided to host a murder mystery party. Navigating online, I was dismayed by the ‘groovy’ and dated mystery kits available. But I was a writer, wasn’t I? And why did I have to wait until I was a bestselling author to create complimentary merchandise? As a (then) unpublished author, I had scoured articles outlining the paltry incomes of the average writer and knew that making a living of my pen alone would be difficult if I wanted to leave my PR job.

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