September 21, 2021

OUT OF DARKNESS Pulled For Review in Central Texas Middle Schools

Out of Darkness by Ashley Hope Pérez  is a 2016 Michael L. Printz Award finalist, one of the highest honors for Young Adult literature. It’s loosely based on Romeo and Juliet, following the real-life 1937 New London school explosion in East Texas. In the novel, a Mexican girl and Black boy fall in love, breaking all of the rules about interracial romance during a volatile time in Texas — and American — history. One of the big threads throughout the book is a story of a white man obsessed with power and control. That thread echoes precisely how Kara Bell,...

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How a Goodreads Author Page Strategically Supports Your Brand

Reading Time: 3 minutesA Goodreads author page, done right, can be one of the most influential tools in your marketing plan. To start, Goodreads is owned by Amazon, and even if you have a love-hate relationship with the retail giant, they’re still the ones selling the most books right now, so playing nice has its perks. Goodreads is also totally dedicated to book lovers, unlike other social media sites, so you always have a captive audience! Think about it. People get on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok (the list goes on) for so many reasons: to keep up with the news,...

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