October 04, 2021

An erotica pioneer goes from hero to villain for dozens of authors

Oct 04 2021 In the constantly evolving romance landscape, Blushing Books has long occupied a specific niche: spanking erotica. Now some of its most successful writers just want their books back... In interviews with The New York Times, a dozen Blushing authors and seven former employees described a haphazardly run business that frequently failed to pay authors on time, and threatened them with lower royalties and defamation lawsuits if they defected. Some writers who spoke to The Times discovered they were not being paid for books that Blushing was selling through certain online vendors or in audio format. Others were...

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Where have all the midsize publishers gone?

Oct 04 2021 When Hachette Book Group acquired Workman Publishing, HBG CEO Michael Pietsch observed that Workman was one of the biggest, if not the biggest, remaining independent trade publishers left in the U.S... Jed Lyons, president and CEO of the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group and its sister company NBN, cited two reasons why it’s difficult to build a midsize publishing house: time and money. The key to being a successful midsize publisher is having a quality backlist, and that takes time to build, Lyons said. He noted that it took RLPG 45 years, and lots of acquisitions, to...

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Librarians Face Possible Charges for Carrying Sex Education Books

This year, local book challenges seem to have increased book in terms of numbers and the vitriol aimed at them. We’ve seen teachers pulled out of classrooms for using LGBTQ-inclusive materials, blanket book bans of any children’s educational resources to do with race, and concerning accusations of pedophilia or child pornography for carrying age-appropriate sex education books. Recently, we reported on a parent who approached the police department about a book carried in a high school classroom library instead of filing a request for review from the school board. This kind of intimidation is unlikely to result in actual charges,...

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