October 06, 2021

When listening to a book is better than reading it

Oct 06 2021 Writing in the New York Times, opinion columnist Farhad Manjoo makes the case for audio books: When the market for audiobooks began to skyrocket in about the past decade, people would sometimes wonder whether they counted — that is, when you listened to the book, could you say that you had read it? It was a mostly silly metaphysical debate (in the vein of Have you really been to a city if you’ve only flown through its airport? or If you replace an ax’s handle and then you replace its blade, do you have the same ax?),...

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Finalists announced for this year’s National Book Awards

Oct 06 2021 The National Book Foundation announced the finalists for this year's National Book Awards. Among the five categories, there are five writers who have been previously honored by the NBF: Hanif Abdurraqib, on the 2019 nonfiction longlist; Anthony Doerr, a 2014 fiction finalist; Nona Fernández and Natasha Wimmer, on the 2019 translated literature longlist; Lauren Groff, a finalist for fiction in 2015 and 2018; Kekla Magoon, on the 2015 young people's literature longlist; and Leri Price, a 2019 translated literature finalist. All five of the poetry finalists are first-time NBA honorees. Four of the 25 finalists are debuts....

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Book to Bestseller Pre-Order Giveaway and Prizes

Reading Time: 3 minutesIt’s finally here – Book to Bestseller: The Savvy Author’s Guide to Book Promotion, Smart Branding, and Longterm Success is up on Amazon for pre-order and that means it’s time to announce all the fantastic promotions we’ve been planning to celebrate! Honestly, this has been the most exciting release yet, so I encourage you to read through this post twice to ensure you know what’s on the table! First, the list of prizes: FREE phone coaching Get one hour of coaching to discuss your branding and the next steps in your bestseller plan after reading your new...

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