October 11, 2021

How Somali women are breaking tradition to write novels

Oct 11 2021 For centuries, Somalia has been known as the "nation of poets" but this tradition has largely been the preserve of men. It is unusual for Somali women to be the primary storytellers, yet they are now the ones taking on that mantle in the diaspora... And what is more, their freedom to write comes from the fact that they are finding their voice in colonial languages such as Italian and English that they have made their own... Source: BBC News More News Stories

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Connection issues

It was the most inauspicious of moments but maybe that is why it happened. I was sitting in front of a recently demolished breakfast, across from two friends resuming the thread of a conversation I had stepped back from, while I observed two kids wrestling over a soft toy as a group of adults behind them pored over the bill. There were the sounds of the kitchen to the right of me, the crash of cutlery and plates; the authoritative voices of servers and I realised: it was just like before. Except, it kind of wasn’t.

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Missing apostrophe in Facebook post lands a man in defamation court

Oct 11 2021 A missing apostrophe in a Facebook post could cost a real estate agent in Australia tens of thousands of dollars after a court ruled a defamation case against him could proceed. At issue is the word “employees” in the post, which read: “Oh Stuart Gan!! Selling multi million $ homes in Pearl Beach but can’t pay his employees superannuation,” referring to Australia’s retirement system, in which money is paid by employers into super accounts for employees. “Shame on you Stuart!!! 2 yrs and still waiting!!!” Less than 12 hours after the post was published, Mr. Zadravic deleted...

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