October 14, 2021

Hidden labour

Emotional labour is hardly a new concept, but surprisingly there hasn’t yet been a study of this form of work in the book industry - despite the fact that anyone who spends much time on publishing Twitter (shout out to Publishing Tea) knows that many employees struggle with overwork, underpay, and the general emotional strain of publishing work. That’s why, during my publishing MA at Oxford Brookes, I decided to focus my dissertation on this issue.

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Barnes & Noble’s Top Books Of 2021

It’s that time of the year for Best Of Lists–er, okay so maybe it’s not because it’s only October and this is way early. Usually this would feel a lot like “Well I guess they wanted to be first so every year the Best Of Lists will just release earlier and earlier and soon they’ll be in summer.” But this year I’m giving it a huge pass because there are some massive delays in publishing and shipping going on right now and so many hot off the press releases have already sold out and gone into reprint but there is...

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Why Self-Publishing a Book Makes You a Marketer

Reading Time: 2 minutesSelf-publishing a book is a major accomplishment. You pour your heart and soul and hours of your life into creating something that’s explicitly designed to be judged by the public. Virtual fist bump to you! But deciding to join the publishing industry also means you’re going to have to become a marketer. I know a lot of authors don’t fully wrap their minds about this when they’re self-publishing a book and the shock value can be a bit intense. Or a lot intense. For many, it’s a huge learning curve and can be really discouraging. But my...

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