Why Self-Publishing a Book Makes You a Marketer

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Self-publishing a book is a major accomplishment. You pour your heart and soul and hours of your life into creating something that’s explicitly designed to be judged by the public.

Virtual fist bump to you!

But deciding to join the publishing industry also means you’re going to have to become a marketer.

I know a lot of authors don’t fully wrap their minds about this when they’re self-publishing a book and the shock value can be a bit intense. Or a lot intense. For many, it’s a huge learning curve and can be really discouraging.

But my advice to you is this: do it because you’re a fan of books and literacy and the art of writing.

Marketing a Self-Published Book Can Be Fun

Marketing gets a lot more exciting and less daunting when you’re in the right mindset.

And that mindset should be that you’re creating a bridge between the work you’re creating and the readers who should be enjoying it.

Book marketing is about opening doors, developing connections, showing readers you’ve created something special – that makes them feel seen and understood.

why-self-publishing-a-book-makes-you-a-marketer Why Self-Publishing a Book Makes You a Marketer

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, self-publishing a book is just like starting a community.

And to build that community you need to market in a thoughtful, intentional way that doesn’t simply shout that you have a book for sale – but instead makes potential buyers feel confident you understand what they’re looking for.

why-self-publishing-a-book-makes-you-a-marketer-1 Why Self-Publishing a Book Makes You a Marketer

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