October 18, 2021

Pandemic leads to boom in independent bookstore openings

Oct 18 2021 Though the pandemic caused financial hardship for many independent bookstores, particularly those in cities and states that forced retailers to close their doors for months, it has also paved the way for a mini-boom of bookstore openings... ...While acknowledging that the disruption of Covid has been challenging and that some bookstores are still struggling, Allison Hill, CEO of the American Booksellers Association, noted that “there’s also been growth in ABA membership.” She also pointed to “exciting trends in new stores—more diversity, location-independent formats, smaller sizes with room for growth—and an increased interest in nonprofit and co-op models.”...

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Inside the real-life succession drama at Scholastic

Oct 18 2021 The powerhouse children’s publisher, known for Harry Potter, had been passed from father to son until Iole Lucchese, a top executive, was given control. When her phone buzzed on June 6, Iole Lucchese was still absorbing a shock that had come the day before. Her longtime boss, M. Richard Robinson Jr., the chairman and chief executive of the Scholastic publishing company, had died suddenly. Now, Scholastic’s general counsel, Andrew Hedden, was on the phone, delivering a second surprise. He had called to inform her that Mr. Robinson, 84 had left Ms. Lucchese 53.8 percent of Scholastic’s Class...

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Protecting stillness

Just before my train pulls into London Bridge, I get a glimpse of Tower Bridge. It is perfectly framed between a grey and orange office block and some red brick flats, a fleeting image, and utterly beautiful. The kind of thing you see on those Instagram accounts with the Valencia filter captioned ‘Fall in London’; and I only I saw it for the first time recently, on my way into the office, where I spent the whole journey looking out of the window like an eager child, drinking in every detail.

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