November 26, 2021

How to Prepare for 2022 Book Challenges: This Week’s Censorship News

One of the reasons we’ve seen a rise in book challenges, among many, is the death of local journalism. Where there once were reporters at every board meeting in a community covering their beat, more and more newspapers are no longer in local communities. They may simply not exist — one in four local newspapers in the U.S. have disappeared since 2004. A number of those papers have consolidated to become larger regional papers without the human capacity to show up to every meeting, and still more newspapers have been purchased by large companies and are no longer independent. Zooming...

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Digital Narration With AI Voices With Taylan From DeepZen

Digital Narration With AI Voices With Taylan From DeepZen Did you find this useful? Please spread the word :) I use cookies to ensure that I give you the best experience on this website. If you continue to use this site, I will assume that you are happy with this. Thank you. OkRead more

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