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orc-name-generator-200-random-orc-names Orc Name Generator +200 random Orc Names

The fantasy world is filled with creatures both wild and kind. And if you’re interested in creating a world of your own for your book, you have to explore different kinds of characters to make your plot interesting. Why? Because this diversity allows readers to imagine a more colorful world that they can immerse in. And since you cannot have a colorful world without darker colors, it is vital for authors to know about orcs, monsters, goblins, and demons, too! Our Orc Name Generator helps writers and authors do just that. 

Our Orc Name Generator allows you to imagine the attitude and nature of the creatures that you create. Plus, it saves you time and energy. Given the fact that orc names are relatively unique and are difficult to come up with.

Origin of Orcs in Literature

The word “Orc” came from the Latin word “Orcus” which means a “Goblin” or “Hell-devil”. Although there were similar words from the Old English and Early Modern history such as “Orcneas” or “Orcus”, the word was coined into modern usage by fantasy writer J.R.R. Tolkien. In his work, these creatures are ugly, brutish, aggressive, and malevolent. 

Newer depictions of orcs have also come into play through the years, such as those of the Warcraft series. This is why recent illustrations of orcs now come in two general flavors: the original model and a revolutionist model. 

Things to Consider When Writing Orcs into Your Stories

Orcs have played various roles in literature… important to take note of before creating a character in your own book. 

Despite their differences, here are some common characteristics about these unique creatures:

Orcs are highly skilled Craftsmen.

Orcs are known to be wild creatures that are always ready for a fight. Despite this character, Orcs are also good with their hands. They pride themselves on the quality of their armor and weapons. Although their crafts are not as fancy as the other races, their work is durable and functional. In Elder Scrolls, they’re among the strongest known in Tamriel and are crafted from a durable material known as orichalcum. 

They are depicted as rough creatures. 

Because of their nature and environment, Orcs appear rugged and violent in contrast to other races. But basically, their features depend on the Orc version that authors prefer. Tolkien’s version is uglier, but other versions show that they aren’t necessarily repulsive. They can also be of different colors such as shades of green, gray, or red. In Warcraft and other game references, they are characterized as having large tusks and incredibly thick muscles. Despite the difference, these views both share their monstrous and primitive appearance. 

Orcs have trust issues.

The orcs do not have good history concerning politics and general relationships with other races. And they are not to be blamed. They have been historically discriminated against and warred against by most other races that claim to be more civilized than they are. This is why by instinct, they do not easily trust outsiders. In fact, they do not easily trust other orcs that do not belong to their tribe. Despite the difficulty, if ever outsiders gain their acceptance, they can establish a good relationship with them. 

They are organized in different ranks.

Unlike other races who are governed either by monarchy or democracy, orcs are ranked according to their strength. This is why orc subjects follow their leaders either out of fear or respect for their strength. In other references, they are also grouped into different tribes and are ruled by different chiefs and chieftains. 

Orcs have unique magic. 

Based on Tolkien’s descriptions, most orcs do not use magic. If they do, it would be black magic. In Blizzard though, Orcs are capable of using magic that might be even on par with humans and elves. Unlike other races, their magic is more of shamanic and arcane origin and is considered unique than others. Oftentimes, their magic is shown to be more “earthly” than the other races.

Orcs have harsh and brutal language. 

If you check out Orc names, you might find that most of their names are based on a guttural construction. Their words mostly include hard consonant sounds such as ‘d’, ‘g’, ‘k’, ‘r’, etc. making the Orc language sound rough and harsh. This is important to note because the language adds richness to their character and personality allowing authors to portray them as strong and rough characters. 

Orcs in Literature and Screen

The Lord of the Rings.

The Lord of the Rings is an epic high-fantasy novel, later on, a movie film, created by the English author J.R.R. Tolkien. The novel is set in a fantasy world filled with different races such as the Humans, Wizards, Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits, and Orcs. The story entails the adventures of a group of people from different races on the quest to destroy the One Ring that would destroy their world called, Middle-earth. 

The Orcs in this novel was the primary foot soldiers of the Dark Lord. They are described as ugly and gnarly creatures that were once Elves but were corrupted by the dark powers. 


This particular action fantasy film is based on a video game series of the same name. Warcraft is a movie developed by Legendary Pictures and the game developer, Blizzard Entertainment, and was released by Universal Studios in June 2016.

Like the Lord of the Rings, this movie is also set in a fantasy world filled with Humans, Orcs, Elves, and Dwarves. But its main races are Humans and Orcs battling for their causes.

Contrary to Tolkien’s understanding that Orcs are dumb and nasty creatures, the Orcs in this movie are intelligent and on par with humans when it comes to battle strategies. That is because the Orc horde is being led by a powerful Orc Warlock, clan chieftains, war leaders, and spies. With this, these Orcs have the capability to raid several settlements and leave unscathed with the power of their own Orc warlock.

Dungeons & Dragons

D&D is a fantasy role-playing game (RPG) designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. It was first published in 1974 and has been active since then up to now. As an RPG, the game allows players to create their characters to embark on a fantasy adventure. In the game, players interact with the characters and fight against evil monsters. The word of D&D was influenced by mythology, history, and fantasy novels such as the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. 

In the game, Orcs are savage creatures with prominent teeth that resemble tusks. They were considered a threat to the civilized cultures of Toril, a planet in the world of D&D. But this somewhat changed when the Orcs were unified into a single kingdom by King Obould. The Orcs’ had poor temperaments in the game. They were easily offended and are impatient. However, because of this character, they were known to be excellent at getting things done.

The Elder Scrolls

Like Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls is a series of action role-playing games developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The games Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim all won the “Game of the Year” award from multiple outlets and have sold more than 58 million copies worldwide.

With the game’s fictional universe, its continent is split into different provinces inhabited by humans and fantasy races such as elves, orcs, and anthropomorphic animals. The Orsimers, or most commonly known as Orcs, are considered barbarians by the other humanoid races and live in the mountainous regions of western Tamriel. 

Every Orc stronghold is scattered throughout the continent and is led by an Orc chieftain. Orc strongholds follow their own law called the Code of Malacath that is clarified by the stronghold’s resident wise woman. The rules of the Code are simple: do not kill, do not steal, and do not attack people without reason. But even with their own Code, living in an Orc stronghold is all about strength. An Orc can only become a chieftain if he kills the current one. And law offenders do not have to go to jails for they do not have one. Instead, they are forced to pay a “blood price” in which they bleed until the victim is satisfied.

Orc Name Generator: 100 Male Orc names

  1. Chakub
  2. Duffthug
  3. Sugbu
  4. Gollik
  5. Zogstuf
  6. Yambul
  7. Rok
  8. Grimfang
  9. Zalthu
  10. Rokblorggor
  11. Wortsnaga
  12. Bagul
  13. Snaglak
  14. Naznob
  15. Noogugh
  16. Orknack
  17. Mekuz
  18. Varbu
  19. Throdrok
  20. Wazgut
  21. Podagog
  22. Heddrak
  23. Ratnob
  24. Cukgilug
  25. Ongne
  26. Murbol
  27. Rotstuf
  28. Bashuk
  29. Thokgrim
  30. Badsnik
  31. Ulumpha
  32. Zugug
  33. Mekskab
  34. Raghat
  35. Durrot
  36. Ronkros
  37. Brokil
  38. Dakagob
  39. Pargu
  40. Skargob
  41. Mekbag
  42. Hibub
  43. Ugskab
  44. Jughog
  45. Sniknob
  46. Nurghed
  47. Grotshak
  48. Snikgrub
  49. Dakagrot
  50. Snikgut
  51. Ditgurat
  52. Skabgrim
  53. Kurdan
  54. Zogwort
  55. Homraz
  56. Grotwort
  57. Rotgob
  58. Sharn
  59. Mekbad
  60. Murob
  61. Grumgor
  62. Nubgrot
  63. Oghash
  64. Dakagrod
  65. Gobnob
  66. Morgut
  67. Wortrot
  68. Snagagor
  69. Shagdub
  70. Nargog
  71. Narstuf
  72. Duffrunt
  73. Rotgrim
  74. Snak
  75. Skarbad
  76. Urgran
  77. Gobbog
  78. Dregbad
  79. Urtydreg
  80. Waagob
  81. Sahgigoth
  82. Zoggog
  83. Badbog
  84. Matuk
  85. Elaran
  86. Erlarunt
  87. Herbalar
  88. Usskaar
  89. Horith
  90. Erlathan
  91. Neldor
  92. Usunaar
  93. Gael
  94. Virjeon
  95. Conall
  96. Nesterin
  97. Agis
  98. Sudryl
  99. Rodagog
  100. Celeborn

Orc Name Generator: 100 Female Orc Names

  1. Alais
  2. Reyzbad
  3. Gilgalad
  4. Tornog
  5. Aredhel
  6. Purtguz
  7. Siirist
  8. Raebog
  9. Tehlmar
  10. Zaltga
  11. Thranduil
  12. Gaelug
  13. Ravaphine
  14. Alaiszag
  15. Vaalyun
  16. Portnog
  17. Raegel
  18. Siirwort
  19. Zaltarish
  20. Silvnog
  21. Raunaeril
  22. Tehlnez
  23. Vaegon
  24. Gaelnog
  25. Toross
  26. Trandbad
  27. Therona
  28. Namez
  29. Purtham
  30. Pierneg
  31. Silvyr
  32. Sandez
  33. Reysalor
  34. Aquabad
  35. Gwenog
  36. Sudniz
  37. Calez
  38. Elbjar
  39. Elenoss
  40. Galeguz
  41. Naz
  42. Maui
  43. Mursha
  44. Naffurty
  45. Nobfang
  46. Duzharac
  47. Buzum
  48. Zoguz
  49. Mekslag
  50. Glugka
  51. Bugsel
  52. Nazgul
  53. Nubshak
  54. Mag
  55. Nazsnaga
  56. Nubbog
  57. Magnob
  58. Morskab
  59. Gobgul
  60. Skarsnaga
  61. Grumshak
  62. Skarsnaga
  63. Mekbag
  64. Nazarg
  65. Uzshak
  66. Naruz
  67. Skarstuf
  68. Brubwort
  69. Brubsnaga
  70. Nazfug
  71. Ghorza
  72. Murzush
  73. Lagakh
  74. Gul
  75. Mazoga
  76. Borba
  77. Batul
  78. Burzob
  79. Bagrak
  80. Shagub
  81. Urzoth
  82. Ghak
  83. Urzul
  84. Sharamph
  85. Agrob
  86. Gashnahk
  87. Yazgash
  88. Grazob
  89. Shel
  90. Gul
  91. Rulfim
  92. Shazgob
  93. Lash
  94. Ushug
  95. Shardukh
  96. Bulfim
  97. Borgakh
  98. Dura
  99. Dulug
  100. Bum

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