January 06, 2022

More Questions Than Answers Arise As Manuscript Thief Caught

A five-year mystery has been (mostly) solved, as the FBI arrested Italian citizen and UK publishing worker Filippo Bernardini yesterday on charges of impersonation and fraud. (Here’s the same story in The Guardian, in case you, too, have reached your NYT article limit.) This is such a bizarre case, and the arrest answers the question of who, but not why. The short story is: a mystery person (now believed to be Bernardini) was posing as various publishing industry professionals and soliciting pre-publication manuscripts of assorted books, some of them high profile like The Man Who Chased His Shadow, the fifth...

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Selling Non-fiction In The Age of Free Information

Reading Time: 2 minutesI write non-fiction and have a longstanding blog with free content, so I feel like I am a prime example of someone who’s faced the challenge of convincing people to buy books when there’s tons of free information out there, not just from competitors, but from yourself as well! We see many non-fiction authors leave this out when planning and executing their book releases and promotions. The fact that they’re not just competing with other books, but they’re also competing with Google and all the free information available out there on pretty much any topic. So, let’s...

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