January 27, 2022

Tennessee School Board Bans Graphic Novel Maus Right Before Holocaust Remembrance Day

On January 10, a Tennessee school board voted 10-0 to remove the graphic novel Maus by Art Spiegelman. The Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel was the “anchor text” for an eighth grade language arts curriculum and was about the experiences of the author’s Jewish parents while they were in Nazi concentration camps. The vote came as a result of the McMinn County Board of Education’s complaints of the graphic novel’s use of profanity and nudity. There are a grand total of eight curse words within Maus’s 295 pages. Tony Allman, one of the board members in attendance, admitted “I understand that...

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How To Reverse Engineer Your Author Marketing Success: Book Marketing Podcast Episode

Reading Time: 2 minutes How productive did you feel yesterday? I like starting off asking that question, because it often sets the stage for this discussion. If you’re like most of us, you maybe felt sort of productive, but wished you could have done more. Perhaps that’s a reality, but maybe you aren’t being realistic about where you’re wanting to go with your author marketing plan. We’ve talked a lot about goal setting and gratitude in terms of succeeding as an author, but this podcast is really less granular and broader in scope. It’s also about the mindset of success...

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