When You Launch A Book, You’re Basically Starting a Business: Book Marketing Podcast Episode

when-you-launch-a-book-youre-basically-starting-a-business-book-marketing-podcast-episode When You Launch A Book, You’re Basically Starting a Business: Book Marketing Podcast Episode

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While some authors are super strategic about what they’re doing – many authors treat launching a book like the Field of Dreams, remember that movie? Sure, It may seem fun just to let the creative juices flow, launch your dreams onto Amazon and see what happens, but we know that that model doesn’t work.

Your book isn’t the field of dreams; there has to be a plan to it – and planning, which I know doesn’t sound sexy or fun, but it can really make or break your book launch.

To start a business, you come up with an idea, or you know the idea is already out there, and you want to copy it and make it your own. You invest a lot of time and money to prepare that business, and then you launch it to the public. You hope people will spend their money and leave positive reviews. You hope they’ll tell their friends.

But you would never consider starting a business without the proper research -market research that is- and doing your due diligence.

My goal with this episode was not to freak you out or turn you off publishing. Not at all! But we genuinely believe you’re going to be more successful long term if you approach it with the right attitude and the right expectations. That’s truly the smart way to launch a book.

What sets successful authors apart is their ability to create something unique and their ability to stick with it and surround themselves with the right people.

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