September 2022

The Most Popular Horror Novels of the Past 5 Years, According to Goodreads

It’s almost October, which is prime horror reading season. If you’re preparing to pack your seasonal TBR, now is the time to start exploring the best the genre has to offer. Like many genres, there are a few authors and titles that are classics that show up on every list, like Stephen King’s older works or The Haunting of Hill House. But horror is so much more than the classics: many authors have pushed the genre forward in recent years, publishing experimental, surprising, and just plain fun horror novels that also deserve a spot on your reading list. This week,...

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Canadian Right-Wing Book Banning Groups Don’t Know How School Boards Work

As conservative groups are making their presence known in Canada by proposing book bans, they’re hitting a bit of a road block. Turns out, Canadian school boards have limited control on what is taught in classrooms. Similar to book banning groups in the U.S., conservative groups like ParentsVoice B.C. are targeting books like All Boys Aren’t Blue, which is the coming-of-age story of a queer Black boy, citing concerns of inappropriateness. Meanwhile, Willow Reichelt, a Chilliwack school trustee who is running for election to the school board in October, has stated how the book is available in high school and...

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Quiz: What’s Your Amazon Book Sales Potential?

Reading Time: ( Word Count: ) Your Amazon book sales potential is tricky, if you haven’t already figured that out! Yes, of course you need to have a great cover, we talk about that all the time. You also need to have a great book, no, an exceptional book, that readers are (hopefully) reviewing positively. So what’s the secret to Amazon book sales? There are a lot of other, often overlooked, elements that affect your Amazon book sales that need to come together before you start seeing real success. And we’re not talking “good enough” — we mean putting the...

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Authors Who Made the Time100 Next List This Year

TIME Magazine has named the people who made 2022’s TIME100 Next list, an annual list inspired by TIME100 that highlights 100 people across different industries who, as they rise within their fields, are also creating change and making impact. The list includes everyone from government leaders to musicians, medical professionals to activists. Here are the authors who made the list: Jeannette McCurdy, author of I’m Glad My Mom Died Casey McQuiston, author of Red, White & Royal Blue George M. Johnson, author of All Boys Aren’t Blue Michael W. Twitty, author of The Cooking Gene Keke Palmer, author of My...

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How to Sell Your Self-Published Books to Bookstores

Figuring out how to sell your self-published books to bookstores can be mind-numbing and discouraging at best. Sure, the concept seems simple, because books are already in stores and you just want to get a piece of the pie! But the technical aspects, retail qualifications, and overall logistics start to get overwhelming and hard to sort out. First you just want to figure out if it’s an option for you or not! That’s why I wanted to share this piece written by the team over at IngramSpark. It’s no secret I often recommend authors publish their print books with IngramSpark...

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The Bestselling Books of the Week, According to NYT, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and Amazon

One of the interesting things about the book industry is that you can never get a straight answer on just how many copies a book has sold. Amazon keeps its information to itself, and they control a large part of the market. Different lists are based on their own sources and criteria. No single bestseller list is completely accurate. But what if we combined the lists? Would that paint a clearer picture? I’ve taken four of the most well-known bestseller lists — the New York Times, both Combined Print & E-Book Fiction and Combined Print & E-Book Nonfiction lists; USA...

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