October 04, 2022

Drag Queen Bingo at Library Cancelled After Threats, Though Majority Support It

The Downers Grove Public Library in Illinois had planned to hold a Drag Queen Bingo event October 11th, to recognize National Coming Out Day. It has since been cancelled after the library received threats. The library was mailed a letter from “Your Friends at Maga” with a confederate flag, a note that says “[F-slur] Lover Commies: More to Come For Downers Grove Library,” and a bullet. The Downers Grove Public Library cancelled a drag queen bingo event hosted for teens due to alleged threats made and details for the incident have been released https://t.co/86gfomYdnb — WGN TV News (@WGNNews) September...

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Publishing Non-Fiction the Strategic Way Without Delays

Typically when someone is publishing non-fiction it’s because they’re looking to cement their thought leader status in the market for a specific topic, industry, or area of expertise. But we see it all the time, specifically when publishing non-fiction, that authors get hung up on all the wrong things. It throws the momentum out of whack, and can even create critical delays in getting the book to market at the optimum time. And by the optimum time I mean before their content starts to become dated. Very few books are truly evergreen in this day and age, so publishing non-fiction...

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