>_Your Healthy Eating Plan: Managing Your Mind and Body – A Monthly Plan, by Sandra Berkeley ($2.99/£1.99):



The book’s emphasis is on healthy eating – gluten free, organic, free range! There is no need to count calories, simply eat healthy and snack wisely, only eating when you are truly hungry and you will get to your ideal weight and attain your health goals.

If you have a busy life, rushing here and there every week day, trying to plan a healthy diet for your week and month ahead can often seem too daunting and can easily be put to one side.

This book will show you how it easy it to put together a healthy eating plan in just five minutes which will kick start you and help to meet those goals and targets.

“An informative book and has some great recipes and ideas. I felt like I got a consultation from a nutritionist for a fraction of the cost.”

Kim Stretton


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>_Your Healthy Eating Plan: Nutritious Power Lunches, by Sandra Berkeley ($2.99/£1.99):



Ideas and inspiration for preparing power lunches using nutritious and delicious ingredients to create tasty and nutritious salads, wraps and sandwiches to keep you going through the afternoon and beyond.



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