Physical Red Team Operations: Physical Penetration Testing with the REDTEAMOPSEC Methodology

A manual for the very first physical red team operation methodology, REDTEAMOPSEC. This book teaches how to execute every stage of a physical red team operation from reconnaissance to team mobilization, to offensive strike, and exfiltration. Learn how to conduct a Physical Red Team Operation with precision, confidence, and value.

For the first time in the red teaming industry, a consistent, repeatable, and comprehensive step-by-step introduction to the REDTEAMOPSEC methodology – created and refined by expert red teamers Jeremiah Talamantes of RedTeam Security and RedTeam Security Training – the subject of the viral documentary titled, ”Hacking the Grid.”

This book is perfect for Penetration Testers, Security Consultants, IT Security Professionals, and Hackers. Downloadable material is offered in easy-to-follow lessons that allow even beginners to acquire the knowledge very quickly. Whether the reader will be hired at some point to penetrate security or simply trying to harden his or her own defenses, this book is essential.


About The Author

Derek Sandbeck

Jeremiah Talamantes