Spectrum Machine Language for the Absolute Beginner


About The Author

William Tang

First published in 1982, William Tang’s Spectrum Machine Language for the Absolute Beginner is generally considered to be the best introduction to 8-bit machine code programming ever written. With many great game writers crediting this as the book that got them started, there still is no better way to learn the language at the heart of the ZX Spectrum.

* * *

As the original publisher Melbourne House wrote:

If you are frustrated by the limitations of BASIC and want to write faster, more powerful, space-saving programs or subroutines, Spectrum Machine Language for the Absolute Beginner is the book for you.

Even with no previous experience of computer languages, you will be able to discover the ease and power of the Spectrum’s own language. Each chapter includes specific examples of machine language applications which can be demonstrated and used on your Spectrum as well as a self-test questionnaire.

At the end of the book, all this is brought together in an entire machine language program – from design right through to the complete listing of an exciting, original arcade game.