The Future Javascript: Object Orientated Programming And Beyond

If you need to deploy JavaScript to write client-side, server-side, web applications and desktop applications then this book is for you. It is also an excellent reference for troubleshooting Javascript installations in the cloud computing sphere with practical examples and scenarios. Throughout the book you will find all of the code examples you need, all carefully coded, tailor made and ready for your projects. You will learn a great deal. The examples are accompanied by well written text, each having it’s own descriptive and easy to read section which will help you to understand the fundamentals of the Javascript programming language, why it exists, and how you might accomplish with it. On top of all that it will provide you with all of the reference material you need to quickly obtain solutions on the fly and on the move as it is well designed and formatted to be read on tablets and phones. Written for both professional programmers and students who want to pursue a career in programming.


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