The Future Of Psychometric Testing In A Changing Corporate World

In many industries, especially technology industries, psychometric testing is now an integral part of the job selection process and something of the norm rather the exception. This book shows how and why psychometric testing in this context has grown over the past few years and how it is likely to evolve in the future. It also shows how organizations also deploy psychometric testing as an ongoing process for employees beyond the selection process.

This book explains in detail each of the popular types of psychometric tests with sample questions and answers that prospective candidates for colleges, universities, companies and government organizations may face during the application and selection process.

The author, Simon Olson also goes on to provide his expert advice on how both candidates may approach psychometric tests and pass with ease and also gives his insights based on years of experience in the management consulting field for employers wishing to introduce or refine their existing psychometric testing procedures to achieve the happy medium of both the client company getting the new staff they want, further empowering their existing staff and new recruits being where they want to be.

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About The Author

Simon Orson