The Future SEO: For Your E-Commerce Website

This book will greatly appeal to and be devoured by professional Web Designers, SEO & Social Media professionals in that it neatly explores expected future trends in SEO and the direction its key elements such as content management, content marketing and on page SEO are likely to take, not just for 2017, but for the foreseeable future too. for the SEO professional this will keep your clients top of the tree.

Search Engine Optimization is and should be an integral part of any business strategy. If it isn’t already then this book is also for you. If you develop and maintain E-Commerce websites on behalf of clients or have one yourself this book will also provide you with the most up to date techniques and trends in SEO to help put your website or portfolio of websites top of the Google search rankings and show you how to increase create a buzz, increase market share, and put your business on the upward sales path.


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James King