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Landscape Gardening is now an integral part of the home owner’s psyche for a variety of reasons, whether it be aesthetic pleasure or adding value to their property.

Daniel Bamber-Clarke taps into this psyche and presents a variety of landscaping design ideas and inspiration for both the home and commercial properties based on creative gardening traditions and cultures spanning the globe North America, Britain, Oriental Asian techniques such Feng Shui and Japanese Bonsai style gardens. He also includes landscaping solutions for creating tropical and desert style gardens.

He also provides practical advice on choosing gardening equipment, furniture, organic fertilizers and shrubbery with particular emphasis on health, safety and security.

He empowers the reader to take a DIY approach to landscape gardening and there is also a chapter on turning this fascinating and rewarding hobby into a full time business. He also offers sound advice on engaging the services of reputable architects and professional landscape gardeners for those whose busy lives get in the way of taking of the DIY approach.

‘A unique and fresh approach to landscape gardening, which offers new ideas and concepts combined with traditional methods.’

Adam Harper, Suburban Living Blog

‘Well worth my time for the inspiration, I was taking notes as I was going along’.

Jon Reid


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