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The Biggest Mistake Authors Make When Self-Publishing a Book

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe Biggest Mistake Authors Make When Self-Publishing a Book is a recap of “This is the One Biggest Mistake Authors Make. No, really.,” a recent episode on our Book Marketing Tips & Author Success podcast.We delve deeper into our discussion about this important topic for authors trying to figure out the ins and outs of marketing self-published books on Amazon, so be sure to download and listen to the show for all the details, recommendations, and considerations! The past year has been unlike any other, introducing change and providing more (and new) challenges, especially when it comes...

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How to Promote Your Book Before It’s Published: 10 Surefire Strategies

Reading Time: 3 minutesIf your next release is almost ready, you have officially entered the zone where you should begin to consider how to promote your book before it’s published.“Go big or go home” rings particularly true for indie authors, so here are 10 easy ways to make your next release more successful. Getting Started Establishing your Amazon presence should be the first step in tackling the question of how to promote a book before it’s published. First, ensure that your book is available as an Amazon pre-order. Doing so will give you a direct link that you can start...

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How to Promote a Book on Social Media without Burning Out (or wasting a ton of time)

Reading Time: 5 minutesWe often hear how important it is to be on social media, and when considering how to promote a book, certainly a solid social media game is one of many strategies that help authors gain more visibility.But the truth is, social media is also a huge time-suck. We’ve all been there. We start a post but get sidetracked by our newsfeed, then we hop over to see what others are saying on their pages, and before you know it, an hour has gone by. If you’ve ever been to a casino, you probably know that they are...

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