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How to Market a Book with Smart Planning

Reading Time: 6 minutesSometimes marketing feels like it could be a full-time job, doesn’t it? And when it comes to how to market a book – authors often make it an exhausting process by cramming in everything under the sun during launch week. And yes, launch week is important but your book has a longer lifespan than just one week. So it’s not just about planning but also setting a smart pacing schedule you can keep up with.Why Small Goals Are Better Than Big Ones: Don’t get me wrong, I love big goals. When an author tells me they want...

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How to Launch a Self Published Book: Timing Is Key!

Reading Time: 5 minutesAre you wondering how to launch a self published book in 2021? If you’re planning to release a new book in the next few months, that question should be at the top of your book promotion list.Often, authors use one factor to determine the best time to launch a book: the manuscript is finally complete and they’ve sent it off for publication. They’ll launch “whenever it’s ready.” But timing is important, so you’ll want to take some ownership of that date instead of leaving it up to others. Understanding Traditional Publisher Timelines Publishing a book and the...

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